Saturday, August 02, 2008

Home Again, Home Again...Thank God!

Well we finally made it back home on Thursday from our little mini vacation down to Galveston Island. But before I post all the gorgeous pictures of our fabulous getaway, let me brief you on our glorious adventure!

We decided about a month ago to take the kids down to the beach for one last "horrah!" before the school year began. Nothing fancy, just a a couple of days to kick back, relax, view the ocean and have a few yummy cocktails. We being my sister, my mom, hubby and three kiddos....and of course myself.

We arrived in Galveston around 4'ish, which was perfect because we couldn't check-in until 4 anyway. So, we unload, get the kids in their swimsuits and head for the pool.

Well about 45 minutes passes by and of course Mylie is ready to go back to the room. She has eczema and the warm water irritates it and makes her super itchy. No problem...I dry her off and take her back to the room to rinse her off. Six o'clock rolls around and now it's time to head off for a little surf n' turf. When we are half way through our dinner, Jason and I noticed that Mylie has started to develop these red dots that resemble mosquito bites. We just figured she must have gotten a few bites down by the pool. Not even 10 minutes later, she began developing welps all over her body. She's never had an allergic reaction to anything before, so we were kind of in shock. We ended dinner early to head back to the room and call our pediatrcian back in Houston. Of course with it being after hours, we were only able to talk to the nurses on call. Meanwhile, Mylie was itching non-stop and the welps kept spreading and before we knew it, the back of her legs were covered in welps. The nursed told us to put cortizone on them to relieve the itching and to see if they would go away.

By midnight she was crying and so itchy she couldn't sleep. I woke Jason up and we both knew something wasn't right, so we rushed her to the ER. As we were on our way to the ER, guess what happened?

We had a wreck! Jason was trying to get over to the turning lane and he hit another car getting over into the turning lane as well. We were fine and the police officer was kind enough to let us go ahead to the hospital. He met us there a little later to get all the accident information.

Well, we spent the next 4 hours in the ER and the Dr. determined she had a case of the hives. So, they gave her Benadryl, she passed out and we were instructed to continue the Bendadryl.

Got to bed about 5am and woke up at around 8:30am and Mylie still had the hives and had actually developed more all over her face and ears. When we had spoken with our nurses in Houston on the phone, their main concern was that her throat wasn't swelling shut. So with that in mind and seeing her face so swollen, I tried to look down her throat to see if it was swollen...and it was!

Now it was almost noon and I told Jason we needed to get her back to the ER. We called our nurse in Houston and they told us, "Yes! Take her to the ER". So, we went back and re-lived the whole night all over again. They said her tonsils were swollen and irritated and wanted to do a strep test (which later came back negative). They ended up giving her an oral steroid (which is a whole other story in itself) and determined that she had Erythema Multiforme, which is a rash that is caused by an infection and can be triggered by almost anything (smelling cleaning products from the hotel, detergent used on the sheets/towels, an insect bite). So basically, we will probably never know what triggered the reaction. Thankfully, the steroids kicked into action and we were able to get back to the hotel around 4 o'clock in the afternoon....just in time to pack and get ready to leave the following morning! Some vacation ;)

As soon as we returned, we took Mylie to our Pediatrician, who diagnosed her with the same rash, Erythema Multiforme. He said it might come back after the steroids wear off, but hopefully that's not the case!

Thank goodness my mom and sister came along...they were able to make sure Macy and Chance still had an awesome vacation aside from the chaos!


mattie said...

What an ordeal! I so feel for the baby. I have chronic hives (idiopathic urticaria..or something close to that). The first several doctors insisted that I must be allergic to something...but nothing had changed in my life. I had eaten and used the same soaps, etc. I finally saw an allergist/professor at UT Southwestern who specializes in hives. He agreed that it wasn't anything I had done...some lucky people (especially women in their child bearing years) have an onset of unexplained hives. A zyrtec a day seems to keep them suppressed. Hoping she clears up quickly!


Fairy Tale Jewels, LLC said...

Thanks Mattie :) So far the oral steroid has cleared her up and kept them away, but she only has one more day on that and we obviously don't want to keep her on steroids. Hopefully this will be the end!

Rachel said...

Poor thing! My daughter had the same issue one time when we were staying in a hotel. Strange huh?

Fairy Tale Jewels, LLC said...

It was so strange and random. We have the last round of antibiotic tomorrow, so hopefully it's gone and not coming back anytime soon :)

truth said...

Do you feel like you need a real vacation? Hope things have turned around for you.

Fairy Tale Jewels, LLC said...

Oh yes...I'm definitely in need of another vacation! Mylie is 100% back to normal, little horns and all!

danandmarsh said...

Glad to hear she's alright! What a vacation, think mom and dad need some vacation time!