Friday, February 20, 2009

FJTA Still Pushing For Crystal Exemption

Thank goodness for the Federal Jewelry Trade Association (FJTA). Without this association, children's jewelry designers would be S.O.L.!

As of February 19th, the Commission has yet to respond to the FJTAs petition for crystal exemption in children's jewelry. But have no fear, the law firm for the FJTA is all over it. Here's the latest, word for word, on the inquiry submitted to the CPSC on February 17th:

"...we urge the Commission to immediately docket the Crystal Petition and to issue a statement of enforcement discretion regarding children's products using crystal in a manner that adheres to the provisions of California Health & Safety Code 25214.1.4 governing exclusions for crystal. Once docketed, under the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), the Commission could issue an immediate temporary final rule to exclude crystal from the total lead limits until the rulemaking was completed. Immediate action will not result in harm to children who wear or handle crystal or glass rhinestones in jewelry and apparel. Without prompt action companies are being forced to accept returns of unsafe product for destruction, or to compensate customers for unsold products featuring crystals and rhinestones."

Looks like we will probably see the CPSIA revised to read much like the Lead in Jewelry Law as written in the State of California. At least let's hope so anyway! To check out California's current Lead in Jewelry Law, click the link below:

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